FMがいや: 特撮情報トーク番組「CSTOYS トク・ウェーブ」



  • 毎週水曜日
  • 午後1時〜1時55分(生放送)
  • 午後8時〜8時55分(再放送)
  • FMがいやインターネットラジオ:

“CSTOYS Toku Wave” is our weekly FM Radio Program for Uwajima CityThis is our recorded radio show for FM Gaiya 76.9 MHz in Uwajima City bringing you Japanese Tokusatsu related topics both in Japanese and English. FM Gaiya broadcasts only for local here but we love to hear what you think about Tokusatsu so we can shout your love here in Japan. We take your music requests as well even though we are not able to play it here on Youtube, but we can mention your request and we can play your favorite Toku-related music.